>> Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit

1-Large Universal Valve Lockout base clamping unit
2-Large blocking arm
3-Cable attachment
4-Adjustable gate valve device
5-APCLO with sheathed metal cable
6-Large plug lockout device
7-227V no hole circuit breaker
8-480-600V no hole circuit breaker
9-Economy multi-pole breaker lockout
10-480-600V breaker blocker kit
11-Miniature circuit breaker demo kit (1 of each type)
12-Nylon lockout hasp
13-1 pack of red safety padlocks
14-25 mm red safety lockouts (1 pack)
15-Duffel bag
16-“Do not operate” tag 75 x 160 mm

Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit



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